All sale of service, post payment of the required amount by the Addressee(s), shall be considered as final and no refund shall be allowed or entertained unless a proper refund-request is filed and the same is approved by the Originator.

Please note that, upon filing of a proper refund-request with the Originator, Rs.1,500/- (Rupees One thousand and Five Hundred Only) will be deducted from the total payment and the refund of remaining amount may be allowed. The Addressee(s), under no circumstance, shall have a legal right to claim a refund of the deducted Rs.1,500/- (Rupees One thousand and Five Hundred Only) from the Originator.

No refund request shall be entertained post completion of 24 hours from the time of payment or upon final completion/submission of the relevant forms to whichever is earlier. No refund shall be allowed post expiry of the afore-mention time limit, regardless of the reasons of delay in raising such refund request.

Refunds are allowed only under special circumstance and on a case to case basis. Moreover, refunds are under the full discretion of the Originator.

Procedure to file a proper refund-request is as under:

i. email or ticket or on our WhatsApp support

ii. clearly specify name, transaction no, date of payment and mode of payment

iii. reason of requesting such refund.

Refund request shall not be entertained for technical mistakes made by the Addressee(s) such as, including but not limited to, providing correct information, updated documents etc. The Originator, in his discretion, may allow one single corrective service at a certain discounted price. Such discount may vary from time to time and will be decided by the Originator on case-to-case basis. It is pertinent to note that any amount of discount cannot be claimed as a matter of right.

It is specifically mentioned that no refund request shall be considered based on the fact that the Addressee(s) changed their mind about availing the said service or on the ground that such service is not required any more.

The Originator believes in providing timely service therefore addressee(s) will be given 100% refund in case the originator fails to provide its services within the committed time of 24 hours to 48 hours, from the successful completion of payment.

In case the addressee(s) has made the payment twice for the single order, then the second payment will be 100% refunded.

The passport application of the Addressee(s) shall be kept in abeyance until the payment is received by the originator.